Saturday, March 20, 2010

some improvement

I went for a little hike today. Adhesive capsulitis seems to get irritated by hiking, probably because of the way your arms swing when you walk.

The swing of my left arm is somewhat inhibited compared to my right. I'm not sure if that's an unconscious attempt at avoiding pain, or if the stiffness prevents it from swinging normally. I can force it to swing more if I try, and that does cause some pain.

In any case, the last time I went hiking, I was bothered by pain at the end of the hike, and a clicking feeling when the shoulder moved (bursitis?). Today, it went better. I was out for about 2 hours, and my arm didn't bother me much.

I can't tell if this was a fluke; this disease is quite tricky and sometimes gets worse when you don't expect it, or, on the other hand, the pain lessens for no discernible reason.

Everything was mostly okay today soon after I woke up, and I was feeling pretty good and optimistic, until after I did my physical therapy exercises this afternoon. A while after doing those, the shoulder began to feel clicky and aggravated. Maybe I didn't apply ice long enough after doing the exercises. Right now it's feeling sore, so the ice is back on.

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